Mar 29 2011

Personal Homonization

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My Personal Technic:

To André Varanac, “‘the technology of the body’ expressed in dance and mimetic movements, was both the earliest form of any kind of technical order and the earliest manifestation of expressive and communicative meaning.’” The earliest, most fundamental and pre-conscious manifestation of expressive and communicative meaning in my life, however, has utterly little to do with a sort of technic of the body. Instead, my motivating force is my spiritual form, or soul. And it is for this reason that I feel the technic most pivotal to my own personal “hominizing,” or the process that allows me to accrue the most significance and meaning as I develop through my lifetime in an attempt to make something of myself, is—crazily enough—my clothing. On one level—and make no mistake, this is infinitely more important than some acknowledge—I have found that it is the single most important determiner of how others interact with and view me. I dress differently than other women in my academic, professional, and social environments, and I have come to believe that nearly everyone I encounter is somewhat aware of this fact—although in the very PC and accepting milieu we enjoy, most don’t face it head-on. I feel mature, purposeful, and determined as a function of the fact that my religious ordinances dictate I cover more. On a deeper level—and this is the real reason I chose my outer attire as ‘the powerful and compelling instrument I use to control myself and my unconscious’ (to use Mumford’s eloquence)—because I am slowly coming to understand, every day more and more, that I am primarily a soul and secondarily a body, my clothing allows me to focus on my true purpose here; namely my moral development, the struggle to overcome spiritual adversity, and the ultimate aim of connecting with the Higher Being. It allows me to inhabit my body a little less intensely and wholly, which in turn lets me tune into my higher, truer, and deeper self. And that is how my clothing reminds me of why I am here, every single second of every single day, thereby enabling my homonization—not unlike that of the pre-humans– into the higher form of self I strive to reach.

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