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Feb 09 2011

George Clooney in the Sudan

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The following is an excerpt from an article written by Nicholas Kristof for The NY Times. Readers submitted questions that were then posed to George Clooney about his stint with malaria in Sudan.

“Q. George – How did your treatment for malaria differ from the treatment that the average Sudanese would receive?
A. I had drugs to take before during and after…pills that should be just provided to these people, like a polio saving drugs for diseases that kill millions needlessly, belong to mankind not to companies to profit from….we need another Jonas Salk.
— George Clooney”
This quote reminds me (I know I’m supposed to make you all guess why I chose it, but a- it’s not very ambiguous, and b- one less post to lose sleep over) of two novels we read– Robinson Crusoe and The Jungle. Robinson Crusoe, of course, because of the similar ways in which the Sudanese and Crusoe live– and also because of the severe disparity between classes of people evidenced by technological advantage. And The Jungle because no matter how many technologies, or goods, are produced, it seems that there will never be enough to go around. What does this say about how we manipulate and utilize our globe with respect to all of its inhabitants? And can you relate the George Clooney episode to any more of our discussions?

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